Full Day              $300*    (includes lunch) 
                          Eight hours from pick up until we are done fishing.
Half Day            $200*      
                         Four hours from pick up until we are done fishing
If one of these options does not work, let us know, we'll figure something out.  
* Plus Iowa Sales Tax
Cash or Check - no credit cards 
Rod, flies and waders are included.  Tax is extra.  You may need to bring waders if you have a unique size), proper clothing and sun/eye protection.  You are also responsible for Iowa Fishing License and Trout Stamp.  (check with your guide on your boot size and water conditions regarding waders)
Trips for beginners are best for one person.  Due to the size (small) of many of the Northeast Iowa streams, it is very difficult for two individuals to fish in the same general area.  When you are a beginner and you have an issue, you don't want your guide to be fifty yards up stream with your fishing buddy.  It is okay for two people to come along on the trip, but the guide can only work with one at a time.  Watching and listening however, is a great way to learn the sport.  
Ask a question or book a trip.
Kent - BCanglers@gmail.com   or   (563) 419-4433