Bear Creek Anglers

Fly Fishing Northeast Iowa:

Bear Creek Anglers is a fly fishing guide service focused on introducing beginners to the sport of catch and release fly fishing or the novice who has spent time on the stream, but has not had success. Of course, we also take the experienced angler who wants an introduction to Northeast Iowa. We have also had the pleasure of taking a number of "senior" anglers on the stream.... those who know more than we will ever know about the sport, but are physically, just not up to the challenge of negotiating the rocky bottoms and steep banks on their own.

Trout, Trout, and More Trout:

Northeast Iowa is home to countless cold-water streams that support catchable trout. Some of the streams have natural reproduction, so you can catch wild trout, while other streams are mostly managed through 'put and take' by the local trout hatchery. Species to be caught include: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and native Brook Trout.

Iowa Public Television Fly Fishing: