Trip Expectations


No angler is ever guaranteed to catch fish. This is why anglers call it fishing and not catching. That being said, most of our trips end up with at least a few fish depending on conditions and fish cooperation. Fishing can be hit or miss in any season, but typically picks up from the time the snow is out of the woods through the end of November.


  • Springtime weather in Iowa can be tricky to predict. There will be days when it's above 60 and the following days could be below 30. Being prepared for any mix of weather conditions by bringing hats, gloves, coats, etc. is essential. Trips usually begin in April.


  • Fishing during the summer months of Iowa is beautiful. The forestry along the stream will be in full bloom. The 55 degree stream can be a great way to cool off during these hot times. Bringing long sleeves and/or sunscreen is recommended.


  • Fall fishing conditions can vary highly just as they do in the spring. Bring proper clothing in preparation for all variations of weather. Trips normally run until mid to late November depending on the weather. A hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and polarized sunglasses are nice regardless of the season.

Trips Include:

  • All necessary fly fishing gear provided: Redington rods and reels, custom hand tied flies, waders, wading boots, etc.

      • If you wish, feel free to bring your own gear!

  • Brief initial casting lessons if needed.

  • Drinks are supplied on all trips: sports drinks and waters.

  • Meals are supplied for full day trips: cold meat sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc.

Things to Bring:

  • Sunscreen or long sleeves.

  • Proper clothing: based on the weather.

  • Polarized sunglasses: nice but not required .

  • Your Iowa fishing license with the additional Iowa trout stamp/fee.

  • A great attitude!!!


Thank you Kent for a wonderful afternoon. I got to fish new water, fish dry flies with BWO's and use a double rig with a Narly midge, what a neat outing.

Take care, Dave

Hello Kent, I wanted to thank you again for a fantastic fishing experience. I really wanted to sit down and have that beer and learn some more from you but it wasn't really appropriate for this day. I have a renewed interest in fly fishing now that I had some expert instruction. The mechanical part of casting and landing is much less daunting now that I understand the technique. This was all an unexpected surprise, as the purpose of the trip as you know was for Dennis.

Of course the amazing brown trout near the end of the day was awesome and I'm so glad Dennis was able to have so much success. You were able to make it as easy as possible for him, and I can't thank you enough for the effort you put into it. My Mom was equally (if not more) appreciative of the day. As you could probably see, caring for Dennis is a real challenge for her at times. Thanks, Troy

Kent - Thanks again for yesterday it was fantastic. I may come up and pitch a tent sometime at the trail head and get you for a few half days. Mark


Trips will start at the Trout Shack, unless otherwise specified, where brief initial casting lesson will ensue and, if applicable, fly tying.