About Us

Northeast Iowa is home to countless cold-water streams that support catchable trout. Some of the streams have natural reproduction, so you can catch wild trout, other streams are mostly managed as 'put and take' by the local trout hatchery. Spend some time with us on the stream to learn some basics or tell us what you want out of your Northeast Iowa trout outing. We will put a trip together that meets your desires!

Who We Guide:

  • Beginners who have never picked up a rod and reel.

  • Novice anglers who has put the time in on the stream, but have had little success.

  • Experienced anglers who would like an introduction to fishing the driftless area.

  • "Senior" anglers, who know more than we will ever know about the sport, but are physically just not up to the challenge of navigating the rocky bottoms and steep banks on their own.

Meet Our Guides:


Kent Kleckner learned to fly fish on the Roaring Fork River in Carbondale, Colorado and spent most of his free time at Alpine Anglers Fly Shop in Carbondale. Now living near the streams north of Decorah, Kent wishes to share his knowledge of the local area and the joy of 'catch and release' fly fishing with you. Kent is also a member of the local Driftless Chapter of Trout Unlimited.


Monte Bowden has fished many of the streams in Northeast Iowa over the last three decades. Monte is a native of Northeast Iowa and resides in Cedar Falls. Monte has the distinction of fishing in the ESPN Fly Fishing Olympics in 2002. Monte is excited to share his knowledge of the many streams in Northeast Iowa with you.


Mike Rogers grew up in Kansas City, KS and learned to fly fish on the Ozark streams in Southern Missouri. For the past several years, Mike has been making trips to Iowa's Driftless region and decided to make it permanent in 2020. Mike spends a large portion of his free time on the waters surrounding Decorah and is enthusiastic about teaching the art of fly fishing to anyone who takes interest.


Chad Dolphin is an Iowa native who grew up using a spinning rod on the warm and cold water streams. Upon moving to Decorah, Chad was introduced to fly fishing and quickly converted. He has brought his new passion to all of his family and friends and is now ready to share that with the clients of Bear Creek Anglers.


Trips will start at the Trout Shack, unless otherwise specified, where brief initial casting lesson will ensue and, if applicable, fly tying.