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Half Day Trip

1-2 Anglers


$25 extra angler

Cash or Check

Full Day Trip

1-2 Anglers


$50 extra angler

Cash or Check

If you are truly interested in taking up the sport of fly fishing and not getting frustrated after the first few outings, then a guided trip is right for you. You will learn more in a half day of fishing with an experienced guide than you would in an entire month of weekend trips. Experienced anglers looking for an introduction to our Northeast Iowa streams might find a couple of evening or partial days to their liking.

Trips Include:

  • All necessary fly fishing gear provided: Redington rods and reels, custom hand tied flies, waders, wading boots, etc.

      • If you wish, feel free to bring your own gear!

  • Brief initial casting lessons if needed.

  • Drinks are supplied on all trips: sports drinks and waters.

  • Meals are supplied for full day trips: cold meat sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc.

Things to Bring:

  • Sunscreen or long sleeves.

  • Proper clothing: refer to trip expectations.

  • Polarized sunglasses: nice but not required .

  • Your Iowa fishing license with the additional Iowa trout stamp.

  • A great attitude!!!

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Create Your Own Experience:

  • This is an option for those that will be in the area for a few nights or for those who wish to really get a deep introductory experience into fly fishing.

  • Trips can be created based on the angler's needs to include: fly tying and fly fishing using the flies you yourself had just tied.

  • If interested, knots and an introductory experience on how to "match the hatch", either at the stream or in the trout shack, are also possibilities. We can venture out to the stream in exploration of current bug hatches and then tie those very same fly imitations.

  • The options are unlimited, and we can create your very own personal experience that will meet your needs.


Trips will start at the Trout Shack, unless otherwise specified, where brief initial casting lesson will ensue and, if applicable, fly tying.